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Austin Hope

Austin Hope

Winemaker & President

Austin Hope has never been one to accept the status quo. He was born to ask “Why?” and test limits. As a child this meant getting into mischief and being sent to work in the vineyards as punishment. Little did Austin or his parents know the lifelong impact this ‘punishment’ would have on him.

Austin’s early-established passion for viticulture led him to earn a degree in fruit science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and, upon graduating, seek out the opportunity to apprentice under Caymus founder Chuck Wagner. It was during this time that Austin realized the full breadth of his passion for the wine business. He wanted to be involved in all levels of winemaking, from the vine to the glass.

As winemaker and president of Hope Family Wines, Austin is intimately involved with all aspects of the Hope Family labels. Still asking “Why?” and testing the limits, Austin is an innovator in the wine industry, changing and improving upon the traditional craft. With a vibrant and unstoppable energy, Austin is comfortable in this zone, going against the grain, evolving, and growing; he doesn’t know any other way to be.

An avid traveler and indie music fan, you’re as likely to find Austin on the road promoting his wines as at a concert soaking up the music and good times. Austin and his wife Celeste are passing on their passion for life, travel, and music to Ainsley and Avery.

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