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Vineyards - Central Coast

Vineyards - Central Coast

Stretching from Santa Barbara to Monterey, California’s Central Coast is a vast and varied region that hosts some of the premier vineyards in the country. Within this region, numerous microclimates influence the character of each varietal, making Central Coast wine distinct and noteworthy. At the heart of this region is Paso Robles. The Hope Family estate vineyard is planted in the rich calcareous loam of the Templeton Gap, the coolest microclimate in Paso Robles. It is within this unique microclimate that the warm, sunny days and cool, coastal nights most closely match the climate of the Rhône Valley as well as Napa’s acclaimed Rutherford district. Thus, the Rhône varietals planted here reflect the true varietal characteristics of the Old World. Unique to the Central Coast wine region is the wide array of soil compositions that allow growers to plant vines in the climate and soil that will reliably produce the finest characteristics. The marine sediment and dense, clay-based soils all show their influence in the flavor profiles of the wine they produce.

In Paso Robles and throughout the region, Hope Family Wines has long-standing relationships with over 50 growers to ensure only those grapes with the truest varietal characteristics go into our wines. We will accept nothing but the best and are willing to work hard to find it. One hallmark of vineyards we work with is careful limitation of crop yields to ensure concentrated flavors. We view the Central Coast as our spice rack and we carefully and purposefully source from vineyards that present true varietal characteristics to produce reliable and delicious wines.

Our winemakers and vineyard managers maintain an intimate and vital relationship wherein yearly tracking ensures vine health and consistent production. Hope Family Wines is committed to sustainable growing practices that promote vine health, improve wine quality, and ensure that growers remain profitable. Spraying is only done when necessary, not on a calendar, and never after August first. The number of tractor passes is kept to a minimum, protecting the integrity of the root structures and avoiding compacting the soil. Hope Family Wines works actively with the Central Coast Vineyard Team to promote best practices in the vineyards we work with. We also use the self-assessment tools put together by the Wine Institute and the California Association of Winegrape Growers to gauge progress and identify areas for improvement over time. This multipronged approach to growing, from winter pruning through fall harvest, ensures we use only the finest grapes for each of our labels.

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