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JC Diefenderfer and Austin Hope, the winemakers behind Liberty School wines, have turned a lifelong friendship into a working partnership. They met in grade school and by high school were bonding over outrageous adventures.  Though very different personalities, JC and Austin have a symbiotic relationship. Austin is the idea man, the one to suggest something so crazy, it just might work; JC is the action man and it is up to him to make Austin’s extravagant ideas reality. This was true in their teens when Austin convinced JC to drive across country to enter a motocross race in Tennessee and it was true a decade later when they started their journey at the helm of what would become Hope Family Wines.

It’s quite rare that an enduring friendship can coincide with a successful working relationship, but Austin and JC have accomplished just that. These days their friendship may not involve half-baked adventures and drop-of-the-hat road trips, but they maintain their dynamic as the idea man and action man. The two continue to innovate and challenge the status quo of the wine industry and in doing so have developed noteworthy wines of exceptional quality and value.

When they’re not perfecting the Liberty School collection, they’re hunting, hanging out, or watching their kids grow up amongst the same grapevines and wine barrels of their youth. The shared passion and complimentary personalities of the Liberty School winemakers is apparent in this celebrated label. It’s a remarkable label, one that reveres hard work, family, and tradition. We’re especially proud of Liberty School wines; they capture the magic at the heart of Hope Family Wines, a modern business with a traditional focus on family, fun, and quality.

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