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Winemaking Secrets

Winemaking Secrets

We want to be real with you all and let you in on some of our wine making secrets and reasons why we believe Candor is such a straight-forward high quality Zinfandel. Excuse us if we get a little technical...Come on, there is a bit of a nerd in all of us. Read on for the facts.

  • The candor grapes come from a 4th generation family vineyard in Lodi, CA, one the most highly regarded regions for Zinfandel in the state. Where is Lodi you ask? Lodi is in the northern most part of the central coast. It's also where our favorite assistant winemaker Samantha is from. And some may have only heard of this name because of Creedence Clearwater's revival song "Lodi". Never the less the area produces premium grapes because of the warm days and cool nights.
  • The Zinfandel grapes are cold-soaked before fermentation in closed stainless steel tanks for 7-10 days. We do this to extract more color and flavor before the primary fermentation. Don't you find your colorful friends to be more fun?
  • The wine is aged in neutral oak barrels (French & American) for an average of 16 months which concentrates the wine.
  • The wine is racked twice to give it oxygen, this helps age the wine and takes the heavy sediments out. The wine is also cross-flow filtered before bottling (newest and greatest technology to give brilliant quality).
  • This appellation allows for expression of a true varietal character, without the price tag usually associated with this quality level. Cheers to Candor Zinfandel!

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