805 Living - Candor QR codes


There are hundreds of commercial wineries in 805 Living Wine Country. Add to that the thousands of wines available from around the world and the picture of competition gets clearer: There is a lot of wine out there to drink. Austin Hope prints QR codes on his Candor wine labels as another avenue of marketing. When potential customers use their smartphones to scan the black-and-white squiggles of these "Quick Response" barcodes, they can view a parody video of Hope "hunting" in his vineyard.

"I wanted to be fun" says Hope, who also spends time in the vidoes providing useful wine tips for his affordable Candor line. "People want to be entertained, and we want to make connections with our customers. We're getting pretty good response from them."

 - Anthony Head

Watch the videos here. Candor Merlot & Candor Zinfandel

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