Pedro 'Pete' Vazquez

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Pete Vazquez was born in Southern California and moved to Paso Robles when he was eight. After graduating from high school, he worked in the culinary industry before taking a cellar position at Hope Family Wines in September of 2004. Pete loves the procedures and organizational aspects of making wine. He refers to the winemaking process as ‘delicate’. “By taking freshly picked grapes and making them into a great tasting wine, there’s so much that people don’t see” Pete says, “daily pump-overs during fermentation, racking, pulling samples and preparing the wine for the final filtering prior to bottling - that’s the fun part of my job!” Pete writes and tracks work orders, helps direct the cellar team and trains the crew on the cross-flow filtration, which is one of his top priorities. His favorite aspect of Hope Family Wines is the strong camaraderie the cellar crew enjoys while working on the crush pad.  Additionally, Pete has traveled to Mexico to assist in our export sales. When not working at the winery, Pete enjoys spending time with his wife, playing softball, and rooting on his Los Angeles Dodgers. 

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