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The Story

Austin Hope brings years of formal and informal education and experience to the Austin Hope Label. Between his time at Cal Poly, and his apprenticeships under Chuck Wagner and in the Rhône Valley, he has an intimate knowledge of the winemaking process, from vine to bottle. Austin Hope wine combines Austin’s zest for life with his determination to make exceptional wine. The estate brand is an artisanal wine of small production. Oftentimes only available to the wine club and in the tasting room, there is rarely any left for our local, fine-wine shops.

While Austin’s specialty is getting this exceptional wine into the bottle, he knows a fair bit about getting it out of the bottle too. He’s the kind of guy you want have a drink with and his wine is the kind of wine you want to share with a friend. In an era when wine has become a business, Austin’s still making it because he likes to drink it. He loves how it flavors the events and memories of our lives.

From tableside to fireside, Austin Hope wine represents the passion we hope you get out of every bottle of our wine. We love being a part of your experiences and memories and hope you’re having just as much fun drinking our wine as we’re having making it.