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Living The Life

I’m new to blogging and don’t really know the protocol. So I’ve decided to just be ME and share with you all subjects that interest me and everything else that completes my wacky life. First off, I should introduce myself - I’m Charles Austin Hope. Many people don’t know me as Charles and even think I’m kidding around when I tell them my first name is Charles. I usually introduce myself as Peter Gabriel. So when I say Charles they don’t know what to believe? I’m a self-proclaimed busybody but I’m slowly learning how to sit still at times and just relax.  However, staying frantically busy just seems more natural to me.  I love to entertain and share my passions with my friends and family.  I was once told you are supposed to share personal aspects in the getting-to-know-you process.  So here it goes…

Get to Know Austin Hope

Ten things to know about me...and some of my favorite Go-To meals!
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Harvest 2015

This week ends Harvest 2015… I can say this year was sporadic and unpredictable.
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